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Protecting Business Value...

May 20, 2023


Over many years and the significant investment of your time, money and energy you have built an enduring business.

A business that has an infrastructure: customers, suppliers, team members, equipment, facility.

This infrastructure allows for the generation of a profitable company.

This profitable company has a financial value in the marketplace.

This financial value in the marketplace has not come to fruition yet because...

You enjoy working and are not ready to sell. 

Therefore, the value is within your business and not in your pocket yet.

But, what happens if/when you become...

Disabled or Die?

Oftentimes, the value of your business is your largest asset.

This asset that will generate income/wealth to pay mortgages, educate children, retire in style, provide care in elder years, leave a legacy.

Have you taken the steps to protect this asset?